3 Italian Generations in Madison, NJ!
Welcome to Villa Rose Wine! What could be more Italian than making your own wine? Maybe a trip to ITALY? How about a trip to historic Madison NJ where you will not only get a taste of the old country but you can make some award winning quality wines! You can’t get any closer to there than coming here! Villa Rose Wine started in the year 2001 but there have been 3 generations on site since 1932! Our facility has a home style setting and will provide wine makers with an experience just like being at home.


“Great wines begin in the vineyard...”!


The same grapes that are shipped to the finest wineries in the U.S. are now available to home winemakers and facilities like ours! These grapes are picked at full ripeness are shipped cold and produce award winning wines of exceptional flavor and quality.
Owner and wine maker Carmine Toto III is very proud of keeping this family tradition alive.


Having received awards from local competitions and bigger known ones like The American Wine Society has made this very rewarding and exciting. These wines have won GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and other quality awards. Villa Rose Wine has been featured in both the Daily Record and the Star Ledger. We have also been seen on Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal on TV.


We believe we have turned our love and passion of wine making into an opportunity to share and enjoy with family and friends that won’t be forgotten.