Basic Time Frame

Ordering & Crushing/Destemming

(California: June - August)
(Chilean : January - March)


Grapes are ordered from vinyards and then delevered to us.

Grapes are put in the crusher for desteming and crushing

Yeast is added to the grapes in large fermentation tubs.

Pressing & Fermenting

(California: September - November)
(Chilean: April - May)


Grapes are put in the press to squeeze out the juice.
The juice is then pumped into your barrel.

Later, wine is pumped to another tank allowing sediment
to be cleaned from the barrel before returning the wine.

Bottling, Corking & Labeling

(California: June - July)
(Chilean : March)


Wine is pumped to the bottler and corked for later.
Labels can be made here or at your leisure.