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Wine Selections

Red Wines

BARBERA A grape that produces a red deep-colored, full-bodied wine. Produces a somewhat dry and tannic (mouth dry sensation) wine that ages well and softens with time. This wine has high alcohol content and can exhibit a ripe, currant flavor with a hint of smokiness.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON Fruity flavors are typically described as black cherry and currant. The jewl in California’s crown, this varietal grape produces a dry red wine. One of the most popular grapes.

GRENACHE Naturally sweet, fruity and very low in tannin. Used to produce Rose wines or red wines when blended.

MERLOT Distinctive aromatic, spicy, medium red table wine is produced from this varietal grape. An abundance of fruit and a velvet-like quality.

PETITE SIRAH These grapes produce a deep colored robust and peppery wine that packs plenty of tannin. This wine also has a good aging ability. Goes well with large well-sesoned meals.

PINOT NOIR (lmtd qty order early) Orginally from France where it is used in all of the great red burgundies. This grape produces a wine that is clear, brilliant and medium to deep red in color. It is rich, velvety and full of flavors such as cherries, plums, raspberries and strawberries.

RUBY CABERNET A child of Cab. Sauvignon and Carignane. The grape has a dry Cabernet-like aroma, good acidity and fruity flavors. It is a good for the 1st time winemakers because it consistently makes a great red wine.

SANGIOVESE The dominant grape in Chainti, it is usually blended with 20% white Malvasia in Italy. The California grape is lighter in color. The grape can be blended with Zinfandel or Cabernet. This wine also needs long aging in a barrel.

SIRAH Clonal cousin of the Petite Sirah, makes a full-bodied tannic wine. Make it straight or use it in any blends.

ZINFANDEL Three styles of red wine are produced from this varietal grape depending on what region the grape comes from. A light spicy flavor with a berry-like aroma. Oak aged. Intense, berry-like full bodied and dark in color, or a rose style White Zinfandel.

MALBEC Grapes from Chilie
CARMENERE Grapes from Chilie

White Wines

CHARDONNAY This premier California Varietal Grape yields a full-bodied moderately acidic dry austere wine. Flavors can be described as buttery, creamy, nutty and smoky. Excellent with fruit and cheese.

CHENIN BLANC Produces a fresh, fruity, dry to sweet wine. Makes a well-balanced wine with delicate floral characteristics with a hint of melon. Popular as a cocktail wine.

VOGINER Produces a wine with a bright color and rich texture. Tasters often refer to peaches and apricots when describing this wine. This hedonistic, aromatic wine should be consumed in its youth.

PINOT GRIGIO Excellent Italian -style white wine.

RIESLING A classic German grape variety. Has the potential to make a wine with tremendous flavors. Light in body and low in alcohol yet intensely flavored with a zesty bouquet.

SAUVIGNON BLANC A grape producing white table wines ranging from sweet to dry. When considered “dry” its excellent with seafood or poultry. When considered “sweet” it’s a great sipping wine when chilled. Sometimes a the Fume name will appear before or after the Blanc, which brings a drier, grassy or smoky taste.

MUSCAT Produces outstanding sweet dessert white wines. Forms the basis for Asti-Spumante and other Italian Sparkling wines. Persistent, perfume musk and ripe-grape characteristics.

Red Blended Wines

(CABERNET/ZINFANDEL 80/20 Zinfandel. Over the past few years the Cab. Has not been dark in color but has been great in taste & body. Adding Zinfandel will insure good color and will add more flavor to the wine.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON/BARBERA 75/25 Barbera. The Fruity flavor, beauty & depth of the Cab. mixed with the robust style & deep color of the Barbera, produce a well balanced wine!

MERLOT/CABERNET The Cabernet will add some color to the Merlot.

CABERNET/MERLOT Typical Bordeaux style.

CHATEAU DU PAPE STYLE This famous French Rhone Valley blend includes the main varieties of Grenache, Cabernet. Sauvignon, and Alicante. The choices are endless.

BAROLO A great blend of Nebbiolo, which is rich in color and Barbera, which is lighter and full in flavor. Petite Sirah can be added for more color. This is one of the finest wines in Piedmont region of Italy.

TRADITIONAL ITALIAN A pison invention! This blend has become a favorite through the years. A mix of 30% Alicante, 30% Petite Sirah, 10% Grenache and 10% Muscat.

RED MERITAGE Assorted mixed blends. A favorite is Cabernet, Grenache, Barbera and Alicante.

SUPER TUSCANY Made from a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

BARBERA/PETITESIRAH 70/30 This blend produces a fruity, well-balanced wine that is great in color. A pison favorite!

ZINFANDEL/BARBERA 70/30 This blend has all the qualities of a great Zinfandel with the added softness from the Barbera.