What could be more Italian than making your own wine? Maybe a trip to ITALY? How about a trip to historic Madison NJ where you will not only get a taste of the old country but you can make some award winning quality wines!
You can’t get any closer to there than coming here!

Madison is filled with Italian culture and experiences and at our Villa it’s no different. While making wine at our facility there are many other views to take in.
The Lackawanna rail road runs right behind the premises and there are a few train cars on the property. Also at the villa is the Italian Forum Club where there is constant action. When friends and relatives aren't playing bocce in the professional court they are making wine with us!

Villa Rose Wine started in the year 2001 but there have been 3 generations on site since 1932! Our facility has a home style setting and will provide wine makers with an experience just like being at home.

Drinking, Collecting and Gift Giving are some of the benefits of making your own wine. Arrange a get-together at home or with us! Sign up to make wine with us and we promise to guide you through a fun, educational and exciting experience!

So come on down and “Get a taste for an Italian tradition!”